About Chef

Born in Aichi, Japan, Hiroki became interested in cooking around the age of 8.  He would read cookbooks by himself feeding his appetite for culinary knowledge. This passion continued into adulthood. After three years of intensive training at the high-end  “Nagoya Nadaman” in Japan, Hiroki immigrated to Canada in the year 2000.  The beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains was one of the reasons he was lured to Canada. He found the diversity and  multi ethnic population refreshingly flexible. 

Hiroki worked for “Tojo’s”, one of the top Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, for 17 years.  Fulfilling a lifelong dream, he opened his own restaurant called Super Hiro’s.

Working in Canada taught him to respect individual ways of creative thinking. This creativity is condensed into the specialized cuisine which will be presented to the customer. A new and exciting world of Japanese Cuisine evolves by integrating traditional ways with a modern approach.

Hiroki Watanabe
Owner Chef