About Us

Super Hiro’s has a deep respect for the food culture that has long been established by our predecessors, while at the same time priding ourselves on creating a guest experience that is unique to our restaurant. We believe that cultural tradition is deeply embedded in cuisine and that as we evolve so does our food. Super Hiro’s embraces the past, while staying focused on the present, and creating dishes that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

I would like my restaurant to operate like an ecosystem in the sense that the community, guests, employees, suppliers, and producers are all an integral part of the overall dining experience. Only through your involvement and valued support are we able to create the Super Hiro’s dining sensation. We are grateful for your partnership. Super Hiro’s believes passionately in great food and excellent service, thus we commit ourselves to providing you the best of both worlds.

At Super Hiro’s we source local ingredients whenever possible and practical. Our belief in sustainability for environmental protection is one of our top priorities.